Monday, April 03, 2006

Loretta Milcarek retires

Loretta Milcarek at an executive MHA/Thistle/Hast board meeting, shown here in a white shirt, sitting next to Paul Keaton (President of the Mapleton Home Association) and Julie Morris (Resident Manager of Mapleton Park). Loretta recently announced her retirement from Hast and Company. She has managed the Park’s day-to-day affairs for the last nine years.

When Hast & Co. took over management of the Park after the City of Boulder purchased it, Loretta and Hast & Co,’s owner Tom Hast met with the residents to find out what the residents wanted in a management company. They listened. And then they worked hard to blend the residents’ wish list with reality. Over the course of nine years, they did very well, though it wasn’t always easy.

Like a lot of partnerships, the one between Hast & Co. and the MHA has had its ups and downs. Yet through it all, Loretta worked hard to help residents as well as the Park to survive and grow. “There were a lot of thorny problems to solve,” Mark Reeder said. “Somehow Loretta managed to find the way to help residents while maintaining the financial sustainability of the Park and improving it.”

“She will be greatly missed,” said Alex Wilson, “Management Committee member. “She was great to work with.”

Executive Board and Management Committee members agreed that because of Loretta’s management skills, the Park saved a lot of money this year, while never sacrificing service or residents’ rights.

Good luck in retirement, Loretta, and thanks for all your help.

Ms Sandy Denny will take over for Loretta at the end of March. She’s brings a wealth of property experience to the job, having run her own management company. The phone number will stay the same after Loretta leaves: 303-444-7575.

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