Monday, March 13, 2006

Plans for infrastructure upgrades proceed

Cozy home in the snow, originally uploaded by elfhaiku.

Photo above: Lot 25 at night in mid-March snowfall.

Some of you might be wondering what is happening with the infrastructure upgrades that have been in the works for months now. Bill Windsor of Thistle Communty Housing offers this revised timeline:

It looks like we are lined up for the resubmittal to the City of Boulder Tech Review. Since the vast majority of the comments were simple to address, I anticipate approval in this round. Our landscape architect made good progress with the city in regards to requirements and that will help us with our costs. Even so, because of the large number of trees that we will have to either take down or bore under, landscaping is not going to be inexpensive.

We also anticipate approval of a new grant that will help us with our budgets.

The next steps will be to:

(a) final tech doc approval
(b) pin down dry utility design and costs
(b) pin down the final scope of the first phase of work and to pin down the budget
(c) produce construction documents (plans and specs) for phase one and to submit for permit(s)
(d) go! go! go!

The City of Boulder Housing Department has requested additional information regarding the scope and phasing plans and I am in the process of addressing that. We will also continue to see if we can get Xcel to donate all or a part of the distribution system.

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