Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Jim Harrington addresses Mapleton meeting on infrastructure

Jim Harrington addresses residents from the Mapleton Mobile Home park on Sunday, October 1, to discuss the upcoming infrastructure improvements. Wyatt Construction was on hand to outline plans for electrical lines to be run down the side of each house, keeping water and sewer in the front.

It was noted that the contractors have spent over a year working with the city of Boulder, discussing the technical specifications of the work, the issue of the trees and to what extent the trees can be saved while keeping to city code. Another group that has some clout in how the work turns out is the ditch company.

Several residents, noting the expense of removing trees, mentioning previous agreements about combining lines to save trees, wondered again why the lines could not be combined in the center of each home, saving money and protecting trees. Many homes that were 30+ years old have such primitive electrical boxes that it would not require more than a type of extension cord to reach the box from the front of the home, instead of digging a trench down the side of the house.

The contractors also plan to use the existing gas lines, raising concerns from the chair of the management committee, who noted that there currently are below-ground leaks, indicating that the system is at a point of critical failure.

Hose bibs were not part of the plans for the new water lines, giving some residents concern that watering their lawns and gardens would be an issue.

Each segment of the construction for a particular area of the park is likely to take about 5 weeks, during which time residents can expect to see the asphalt torn up outside their homes, with an impact on parking.

The chair of the management committee asked if there were any plans in place to mitigate rodents entering homes during the time that the skirting was removed from the homes. There was no plan.

In response to criticism of the current plan, one of the contractors mentioned that they would be working on a case-by-case basis for each of the homes, and agreed to re-consider the plan of action for either combining the water and electrical trenches or saving more trees.

Several residents in the north side of the park wondered when the electrical and gas would be installed for their homes. There is not enough money now to complete that work, which is expected to run at $350,000 or $400,000.

Jim Harrington of Thistle is the residents liaison for all problems concerning the construction. If residents have a complaint or notice something that needs to be done he can be contacted 24/7 at 303-641-6152

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