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September 2006 Mapleton Mobile-izer, the quarterly newsletter of the MHA

Marking the trees for removal
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Drexel Barrell engineers hold a schematic, in color, of vegetation that presents a problem to the upcoming infrastructure. Read below for the letter of explanation about the blue and red tree markings. Also included: the most recent Mobile-izer, Volume 11.3, September 2006, edited by Colette Roy.

Volume 11.3

September 2006

Newsletter of the Mapleton Home Association [MHA]

There will be two community meetings focused on providing blue project updates and an opportunity to ask questions about the upcoming Infrastructure. They both will be held at Unity Church at the corner of Folsom and Valmont:

Sunday October Ist 4-6pm
Monday October 9th 7-9pm

If you have any questions about the infrastructure, please call Jim Harrington, special projects coordinator at Thistle, 303.443.0007 ext. 117. For specific tree questions, please call Matthew Weisbrod, Land surveyor, 303.442.4338

INFRASTRUCTURE UPDATE: Trees and shrubs at risk:

Included with this special edition of the Mobile-izer is a letter from the engineering company, Drexe], Brarrell &Co. whom is employed by Thistle and MHA to help design and execute the upcoming Infrastructure work plan. The letter focuses on one of the first steps in readying our property for the future work of upgrading all our utility services. That being, the need to remove certain trees around the park for reasons of safety, digging for existing sewer lines, installing new ones, utilizing backhoes to reach areas which will need to be dug up, etc. Drexel explains in the letter that they will soon be walking the property determining which trees and shrubs are at risk of being cut down. If and when a tree is marked for risk, the final determination will be made by the engineering and construction companies after consulting with the Arborist. The arborist will help determine the survivability of the tree due to the root structure being damaged by digging and such. Currently, it looks like there will be approximately 40 trees that will be taken down, but that number could go up or down depending on many circumstances. More will be understood once the work finally begins and the construction company has a better sense of the work at hand.

Please take a moment to read through the letter and see how they will be marking the trees at risk.
They will also be creating additional markings on sidewalks (only on the South side of the park at this point in time) indicating where they will need complete access to the front panel of your mobile home. This area thus needs to be cleared of all flora, a art shrubs, etc, so the front skirting can be removed easily.
It will be helpful for us all to start the acceptance process that our landscape will be changing to allow for the upgrades to occur.

Drexel, Barrell and CO. 14 September 2006
Re: Trees-at-Risk Marking Activities Mapleton Mobile Home Park Utility Improvements Project Boulder, Colorado

Dear Resident:

On behalf of our client, Thistle. Community Housing, we will have staff on site to mark trees-at-risk due to the Utility Improvements Project for the Mapleton Mobile Home Park.

Drexel, Barrell & Co. has had the pleasure of being a part of the design team involved in the Utility Improvement - Project. Drexel, Barrell & Co. has provided surveying and engineering services to the project and will continue to provide support through the construction process.

The project will consist of upgrading the Park's" water, sanitary sewer, electric, and natural gas utilities. In order to provide a safe park environment, an effective utility system, and to comply with City code regulations some existing trees will need to be removed. Significant efforts were made, by design modifications and code variance requests with the City, to save as many trees as possible. Additionally, the contractor will work du(ing construction to save as many trees as possible. In order to assist the residents of the park in understanding the scope of the affected trees, Thistle Community Housing has requested that we physically mark the trees-at-risk.

DuCing the next few weeks Drexel, Barrell & Co. personnel will be on site to mark these trees. Trees-at-risk due to the water and sewer improvements, as well as the electric and gas improvements, will be marked with a red or blue dot on the street side of the tree. Additional red and blue flagging will also be used to mark trees-at-risk. The red marker indicates that the tree will most likely have to be removed. The blue marking will indicate that there is a possibility that the tree will have to removed. The current marking activity schedule is:

Week of 18th Mail Notification Letter
Week of 25fh Mark trees on site

There is a possibility that when marking some trees may not get marked or mis-marked. These marking are for the residents of Mapleton Mobile Home Park to get an idea of the trees-at-risk. The contractor will not be using the marked trees as the trees to be removed. The contractor will have and use an official list when removing trees.

Please feel free to speak with any of our staff while they are on site. However, please note that Thistle Community Housing or Drexel, Barrell & Co. office staff will better be able to answer any detailed questions you may have regarding the project. Please feel free to contact the following individuals with any questions regarding this project:

Jim Harrington Thistle Community Housing 303-443-0007 x.1 17

Matt Weisbrod Drexel, Barrel] & Co. 303-442-4338
Thank you for your continued support of this project and we look forward to continuing our support of this neighborhood.

Drexel, Barrel & Co.

Mark A. Anderson, P.E. Project Manager

The sequence of the infrastructure is as such, it will begin at the Mapleton Entrance at lot #1 which is the lowest point in the park and has the oldest sewer lines. They will then work their way up through that row. Due to gravity we want to start at the lowest point. The rest of the South Side (South of Goose Creek) will follow as this is the older part of the Park and is experiencing the most amount of sewage backup. It appears that the last row to be worked on is the North East row.

Currently, the estimated amount of time for the whole project is undetermined, yet again, as the work begins, there will be a better sense of how long the work will take and when we can expect completion. We will have two resident meetings before Infrastructure work begins. If you have questions, please come and ask them.


More than fifty years ago, the Nuttalls had a vision for Mapleton Mobile Home Park. Through hard work they made it happen. They put in the infrastructure roads, water, sewer, and electric - themselves. Fifty years later, that infrastructure is showing the effects of age. Water pressure is low; the sewer system is hopelessly in need of replacement; electrical is outdated and not even near modem day code for homes; and the roads are pot holed and buckling. Finally, after months of negotiating and working for permits: infrastructure is coming. The plan is to start from the bottom of the system at the Mapleton entrance to the top of the system on the North side, rebuilding water, sewer, electrical and the roads as we go. imagine, good water pressure, 100 amp service to your home; a sewer system that doesn't need rotor rooting every month as well as flat, clean roads that drain properly. Even though we're starting at the South end and working North, many improvements on the South end will help the North - specifically sewer and water. The North part of the park is 12 years younger than the South. With improved sewer in the South, the sewer lines in the North, which are connected to the South will then run better. Also, new water lines in the South will increase water pressure in the North because of the way the water lines are looped together. This is a great day for Mapleton Park. A new improved infrastructure will allow home owners to bring in new homes. -Mark Reeder

"A new improved infrastructure will allow home owners to bring in new homes" - Mark Reeder

Thanks You Serena and Juliette!! Your efforts to create a fun, engaging, and inclusive block party is very appreciated by all of us. The festivities, the music, and the hula-hooping was a great way to celebrate MMHP and all it's residents.
Thanks everyone who helped make this event possible with the donation of time, food, objects and incredible talent! Thanks again Serena and Juliette.

The Mapleton Home Association
Executive Board

Paul Keaton President.

Steve Gaines Vice President.

Keith Ainsworth Treasurer.
303 440-7721

Debbie Feustel Mgmt Chair

Management Ccommittee

Alex Wilson

Gene Langlois

Mamud Kabir

Site Committee

Kurt Bischoff

Attorneys Dennis R.Frohlich
Susan Perkins

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