Monday, August 28, 2006

Julie Morris and Enzo Gentile installing test speed bumps

After many months of deliberation some test speed bumps are being installed in the Mapleton Mobile Home Park. Enzo, Gentile, park maintenance hand (pictured here with Julie Morris, resident manager) lives near the test bump, and reports that he will conduct highly scientific observations to see how significantly the speed of passing cars will be reduced.

We want to thank Julie, Enzo, Hast Management and the board of the MHA for offering a potential solution to the worrysome issue of cars speeding through the park in order to get from Valmont to Mapleton or vice versa. Although there is conflicting information on the certainty of how much the speed bumps reduce accidents, as seen here ('Toole/randal2.htm) as well as whether speed bumps cause slow-downs to emergency or fire crews, we are glad to be trying something out.

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