Monday, August 28, 2006

Enzo Gentile and Julie Morris, Mapleton Mobile Home Park

Mapleton Mobile home Cleanup day, August 20, 2006.
Thanks to the coordination of Sandy Denny at Hast Management company, a day dedicated to cleaning up all the excess junk was held at the park. The Sheriff's department helped, with inmates dispatched to various homes that needed help getting rid of unwanted material, as well as other chores like painting or weeding.

Several residents reported on the success of the clean up. Laurie Olsen in her home on lot #10 asked for many invasive tree-weeds to be removed, and she received the needed help. Jane Cliff in lot # 39 had two female helpers doing weeding. Kurt Bischoff reported, happily, that he 'set a load of junk out from near his shed and it was gone almost right away'. The same was true for Jonathan Machen in #25. As you can see from the picture, the park collected and eventually hauled away a huge amount of junk from many of the various homes that participated.

Enzo Gentile and Julie Morris coordinated the efforts on the ground, and were working hard all day. Many thanks to them, Sandy Denny, and the Boulder Sheriff's department for giving the park an opportunity to clean up.

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