Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Mourning the death of Don Lucas

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Don Lucas was one of the original members of the Mapleton Home Association. About 10 years ago residents of this idyllic mobile home community formed a non-profit in order to save their homes. Don was instrumental in getting the group going. He was tragically hit by a car while crossing a street in Denver on April 10, 2005. He will be sorely missed by members of the park, who thought of him lovingly as 'our favorite park crumudgeon'. Don promised he would keep quiet at meetings, but he never did. Today, his quietness is is something we are mourning. No one, however, is missing Don as much as his surviving wife, Lee Hill. Lee is disabled, and remains in her mobile home in Mapleton Hollow in 35B - together, she and Don relied on her disability payments, which reportedly are increasing. Right now, though, Lee needs financial help. Please drop a check if you feel so moved, in the MHA drop box in the laundry room, or bring a check to Julie Morris (303)440-3315.Memorial service is set for mid-May, details still unknown.

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