Sunday, April 17, 2005

Lots in Mapleton Hollow archived

lot24, originally uploaded by elfhaiku.

This empty lot, as well as all the occupied lots, can now be viewed by lot number at: ...
There are currently 132 occupied lots and 5 vacant lots in Mapleton Hollow. Lot #24 is unusual in that it has no electrical service at all. This is because the home that was on the lot was bought by the city when they owned the land, and the home sat unattended for months and months. There was a leak in the plumbing which caused extensive water damage; the house was totaled. When they removed the house, they tore out all the electrical connections. Go figure! The other vacant lots do have electricity, but the entire park is at 50 amps of electrical service - adequate for a pre-1970's home, perhaps, but not for a modern home. That is why the landowner, Thistle Community Housing, is proceeding with plans to upgrade the infrastructure throughout the park.

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