Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Construction, Learning Curve; Plumbers

By Don McKee:
Today, Wednesday, 20 Dec 2006, at 7 am, the snow and the plumbers arrived at Mapleton Hollow. Each stage of the construction will bring occasional personal inconveniences to each resident. Everyone is to be commended for their cooperation and positive attitudes to date.

As of this moment (08:30 am, 20 Dec 2006), the plumbers are working under unit-01.

The plumbers (Rob is the crew-chief) will do just as Terry and the Twin Peaks excavation crew did, and begin their learning process at the southerly end of Mapleton Hollow... with numero uno. The prime-contractor (Wyatt) and the Twin Peaks crew are assisting, as necessary. All concerned will do their best to seal access portals on every home each evening, to keep the wandering critters out. Homeowners must be acutely aware that pets are at risk during this process. Extra precautions are advised.

REMINDER; There will be periods of a few hours when the water and sewer MUST NOT BE USED. Each resident will be personally notified, and is asked to be prepared. During these brief periods, no toilets may be flushed, no bathing, no laundry, etc.

As they proceed northward, the plumber's progress will accelerate as they learn more-and-more about working under trailer-homes. Because of the low head-room under some of the homes, this job will NOT be easy. The plumbers will do whatever is necessary, working in cold winter weather, to protect the domestic water pipes from freezing during the installation process. They will also install and connect electrical "heat-tape" and insulation on each exposed water pipe before moving on to the next trailer.

Thanks to Jim Harrington (TCH), each resident will be kept informed regarding when the new pipes are to be connected to the new underground utility lines. How nice it is that the residents are cooperative and compassionate as these nice workers do their various jobs. For instance, providing temporary access to electrical power is a courtesy that the workers certainly appreciate.

The electricians and others will follow, in turn. Each and every worker deserves the utmost in cooperation.

For those who reside near the area where the pedestrian bridge is normally installed to cross the Farmer's Irrigation Ditch, the new sewer pipe will be encased in concrete on Thursday, 21 Dec 2006. weather permitting. A few days later, the excavated area will be filled-in a continuing dig-and-fill process, as each piece of the new utility-web is installed.

Personal safety is paramount; please stay away from the excavated areas.

Many thanks to Jim Harrington of Thistle (TCH) for the ongoing, very useful communications.

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