Wednesday, May 03, 2006

MHA's quarterly and executive meeting minutes posted

Kurt Reber and Serena Benson
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The photo to the right shows two colorful residents of Mapleton Mobile home park, Kurt Reber and Serena Benson, spotted recently on the Goose Creek Bike Path near the mobile home park. Both have been residents of the park for many years, and enjoy the park's centrality to Boulder as well as the excellent bike path access. Kurt is a talented drummer and bass player and has played in many of Boulder's finest bands. Serena works at Vitamin Cottage and practices yoga and dance.

The minutes to the most recent management committee meeting of 3/27 and the recent 4/30 Quarterly meeting of the MHA are posted at

If you would like to see photos from the Quarterly meeting, please go to this photo album.

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