Friday, July 08, 2005

Dick Wilcoxen leaves Mapleton

Dick Wilcoxen, longtime resident of Mapleton Mobile Home Park, left this morning for Washington State. Dick was an original member of the Mapleton Home Association when the group first started back in 1995, and served on various committees, including Site. Dick is an avid gardener and wrote this piece back in 2002:

Wildflower Time
by Dick Wilcoxen

Recently I scattered about 500 pellets of Colorado grown, hand-harvested, Wild Flowers and Wild Grasses along the fences in the grassy area north of trailer #10. These pellets can be deposited anywhere you don’t want a formal garden. Bonded in a mix of clay, sand and organic compost with natural micro nutrients, minerals and microbial inoculants, the pellets contain up to 15 varieties of grasses and 31 varieties of wild flowers native to our area from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins. I still have about three pounds of pellets left to share with anyone in the Park who wants to spread the beauty of wildflowers. Less than half a pound was used to seed the area near the fences. I also have new seedlings from last year’s wild Cleome (Rocky Mountain Bee Plant.)

We are wishing Dick well as he travels up to the Pacific Northwest. He will be moving into double-wide, quite a change from the small, narrow mobile home he has lived in for years.

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