Sunday, June 05, 2005

Lease Update from the MHA

Lease Update from the MHA, originally uploaded by elfhaiku.

Lease Update, June 5, 2005

Recently, all residents in Mapleton Hollow received a lease packet that was incomplete. Missing were the Homesite drawing, Affordability Addendum and Park Rules and Regulations.

If you have already signed and sent in your lease you will not need to sign a new one.

Residents and the MHA noted the missing items and have already informed Thistle Community Housing.

As a result, Thistle will be sending out the additional items in another letter to residents as soon as possible.

Thistle also intends to hold a meeting at Thistle's offices for residents who have questions about the leases. The time for this meeting will be announced in the letter.

Residents who have questions now should call Thistle at 303-443-0007

The June 1st deadline on the lease packet was intended to help those residents who would be receiving a reduced lot rent and getting back a credit on their rents from January 1st 2005.

Those who wish to have more time to review the lease are encouraged to do so. The MHA is requesting an additional month to review leases.

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