Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Management Committee Surveys Park

Loretta Milcarek of Hast and Company (the management company MHA has
hired to manage the park) joins other members of the Mapleton Home
Association in a walk-through of the park on Tuesday, April 12, in
order to gain a sense of standards and appearance that we believe our
community should uphold. Unlike other parks that are owned by absentee
landlords, who often impose their own sense of order on a community
without actually living there, the management committee at Mapleton
Hollow is comprised of residents who deal with small spaces, limited
storage and the collective need to maintain the environment. The MHA
directs Hast to enforce the standards of cleanliness we would like to
see (the specifics of which are documented in our rules and
regulations). This walk-through, completed with resident manager Julie
Morris and accompanied by Thistle representative Etta Habegger, was an
initial pass through the park to look at all the yards and homes and
get a sense of what standards we would like to uphold. Others present:
Kabir, Maria Downing, Alex Wilson, Nick Tamm, Jonathan Machen, Enzo
Gentile, Julie Morris.

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