Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Site Committee report, 1-16-05

Mapleton Mobile Home Park is gearing up for some major infrastructure changes.
This is the first in a series of reports that will track the progress of this project.

In attendance; Todd Greff of Twin Peaks Excavating, Tim Kane of Wyatt
Construction, Leslie Ewy of Drexel Burrell, Bill Windsor of Thistle, Mark Reeder and Kurt Bischoff of MHA.

The following was discussed:

The phasing of the Sewer lines and Water lines

Todd, Tim and Leslie are cognizant of slope requirements and the tight
margin of slope in the park for Sewer drainage to Mapleton Ave.

New sewer and water will connect to the front of each trailer under
skirting; this will include a hose bib.

Hose bib needs to be upfront instead on the side of each trailer due to
cost constraints. One item brought up but not resolved is the issue of
a curb stop and its location. MHA is hoping for the curb stop in order
to facilitate the addition of water meters to each trailer in the
future, at a reasonable cost if done during construction. Bill Windsor
indicated that the curb stop would add significant cost to the project.
Mark Redder confirmed that the shutoff valves now are located
under the trailers that a curbside shut off may provide a better a better
access for the future, when new homes are brought as long as the
homeowners who often repair themselves, can easily access the water shut off.

Todd and Tim concur that the project needs to be done in phases in
order to minimize the inconvience (sp) to the park residences.

In accordance to phasing, area's where discussed as "staging areas"
including but not limited to the concrete by the laundry room, the
parking area in the northeast entrance to the park and the empty lots
and Mapleton entrance.

The following are tentative phases (Mark I need trailer's**)

1) The VALMONT Northwest entrance to Goose Creek ROAD B

2) The VALMONT northeast entrance to Goose Creek ROAD A

3) Mapleton Ave to the manhole and cul-de-sac ROAD C

4) From manhole of phase three to Goose Creek ROAD C


6) Laundry room to Folsom ROAD D

7) Washhouse to Goose Creek ROAD D

8) Behind washhouse to Goose Creek ROAD E

9) Top row along Folsom ROAD F

Todd's preliminary estimation is for each segment to be 2-3 weeks for
sewer and water.

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