Wednesday, February 09, 2005

MHA to acquire free home for architecture project

An update on the acquisition of the the free
mobile home and its transfer to lot #81: The CU architecture department is proposing a straw-bale retrofit of the exterior as a test project. When done, the home will be sold by the MHA to an interested person. The head of the project reports:

1) We just went to look at it in person and it seems
perfect for our project. It isn't pretty on the
inside, but we plan to rip all that out anyway.

2) Laura, the manager at Table Mesa Village Mobile
Home Park, has the signed title ready to give to MHA.

3) Laura said the current owner of the unit is getting
the "Authentication Form" today. This form is
required to move the unit and confirms that all the
taxes have been paid.

4) Mark and Jonathan confirmed yesterday that we
don't need any permits from the City except a transit

5) I will be contacting the mover, Dennis of Mays
Maintenance, regarding the schedule and time of the
move, the transit permit, and the scope of work.

6) Unfortunately, I will be out of town from Friday
to Sunday and the tentative schedule calls for the
unit to be moved on Friday. Is it possible for a
representative of M.H.A. to coordinate the onsite
arrival of the unit with Dennis? Jonathan?

7) The students are VERY excited and ready to start
the demo.

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